Remote Graphic Designer


Presentation / Marketing


Responsible for designing and developing graphics and illustrations for publications in Federal IT proposals.

Directive (s)

  • Used advanced desktop publishing, page layout software to design and develop high quality textual and graphic compositions to communicate intent

  • Created the layout using pre-approved copy and photographs



Technical Programs:

  • Power Point

  • Photoshop

  • Acrobat



Graphic Designer /

Marketing Assistant

Beardsley Design Associates



Assisted the Marketing Manager in the preparation, organization and maintenance of marketing and public relation materials.



  • Maintaining marketing materials historical project data utilizing request for proposal computer software  


  • Trade show preparation

  • Preparing and designing specific prospect material, proposals and presentations.


Postcard design for school district.

Project page re-design; insert for proposal requests

Technical Programs:

  • RFP software

  • Pagemaker